Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

"Health is wealth" A child health is responsible for his / her all round development . In today's world children mostly engage themself with video games social media and other destructive amusements , which eventually takes them away from their physical and mental health , it affects their happiness , self confidence , self discipline , study -habits etc .

Regular physical exercise, taking part in physical activities , games and sports help the children maintain discipline, confidence, good health, and develop physical and mental fitness , better ability for work , memory , and overall good results .

Since 2011 , Alipurduar Karate Academy has been pursuing the goal of contributing to the overall physical and mental development of every children . Alipurduar Karate Academy provides standard karate classes yoga and Fitness training in well equipped Indore classrooms . Since 2011 , we have continued to provide classes , seminar, workshop in various CBSE, ICSE schools and Government colleges . We have successfully trained the children into achieving greater physical activity , mastery over of body and limbs , greater focus, discipline , confidence and overall physical and mental development . About success even includes in International achievements in Malaysia (2017) , Sri Lanka (2018) and Bangladesh (2018).

Our vision is that every child should achieve their goals in various fields . so We trained them to build good health, sharp focus , self confidence , disciplined and many others good habits which are essential for building character and achieving success in life ..

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Alipurduar Karate Academy, specialized in Karate Sport since 2011, started Yoga and Fitness classes in 2019 . We are improving ourself continuously in our effort to make people fit and strong.


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